I love to bake. I love how several simple ingredients can make something wonderful. I love how my kitchen smells when something is in the oven. I started out with an Easy Bake Oven and couldn’t wait to use the real thing. No time to bake something homemade? Drop me a line -- I’m on it!

Event: Thanksgiving, 2009

Theme: Dessert

Made: My first homemade apple pie with home-grown Fuji apples

Event: Sophia’s 8th birthday, 2010

Theme: Solar system

Made: Chocolate 1/4 sheet cake, Italian meringue
vanilla buttercream

Event: Easter, 2010

Theme: Dessert

Made: Lemon bars with home-grown lemons, shortbread crust

Event: Gina’s bridal shower, 2010

Theme: Pink

Made: Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes,
Italian meringue vanilla buttercream

Event: Grandma’s 96th birthday, 2010

Theme: Dessert

Made: Chocolate cupcakes, vanilla buttercream with sweetened coconut

Event: Johnny’s 4th birthday, 2010

Theme: Spongebob Squarepants

Made: Vanilla 1/2 sheet cake, Italian meringue vanilla buttercream




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Event: Veronica & Ron’s Wedding Cake

Theme: Antique Silver

Made: Vanilla cake, Italian meringue vanilla buttercream, vanilla fondant, silver luster dust painted scrolls